How To Clean Nexgrill Griddle

How To Clean Nexgrill Griddle?

Maintaining your Nexgrill griddle’s cleanliness is essential if you want it to function correctly and look nice. You’ve come to the correct spot, whether you’ve just acquired a Nexgrill griddle or have had one for a long but want to learn how to clean it properly to maintain it in excellent shape.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you won’t find anything particularly new here, but it’s frequently helpful to know that the information presented pertains to your particular model.

So that you are aware of the proper processes, we will cover everything related to cleaning and maintaining Nexgrill griddles in this article.

Season your Nexgrill griddle to start.

The greatest thing you can do is to make cleaning and upkeep as straightforward as possible.

Instead of reiterating the advantages, we will describe how Nexgrill recommends seasoning their griddles to simplify future cleaning.

  • Remove filth from the griddle’s surface with a moist cloth.
  • Turn your primary burners to high heat after cleaning.
  • Ten to fifteen minutes are required for the grill to heat up.
  • Apply cooking oil with your tongue, paper towels, and heat-resistant gloves afterward.
  • Once the oil has been extracted by boiling, repeat three times.

According to Nexgrill, you may begin grilling immediately. This easy, one-hour-long method will make cleaning your Nexgrill griddle effortless for the duration of its useful life.

Naturally, you may need to reseason it after a period of use, but that is the subject of another post.

After the Nexgrill griddle has been seasoned, it is ready for use and very simple to clean.

In other words, your initial investment will continue to provide returns for YEARS.

How to Clean Nexgrill Griddles Following Every Use

Once your Nexgrill griddle has been properly seasoned, you can concentrate on the simple cleaning tasks that must be performed after each usage to remain on top of things and ensure the longest possible life for your Nexgrill griddle.

A griddle cleaning kit is unnecessary, but it simplifies things. This package is competitively priced and includes everything that is required.

Therefore, after each cook, you should:

  • After using the griddle, let it cool for a few seconds. In the next part, we will explain why this is crucial.
  • Use a griddle scraper to remove any remaining food, debris, and oil after adding a little water to generate steam.
  • Put everything in the grease trough and wash it with hot soapy water separately.
  • Using paper towels to remove any leftover moisture is essential for avoiding rust and corrosion on the iron griddle top.
  • Pour your preferred cooking oil evenly throughout the Nexgrill’s surface, including the edges and corners.

The Nexgrill griddle has been thoroughly cleaned and is now ready for use. It is a good idea to use cooking oil after each cleaning for two reasons.

  1. The griddle has already been greased, so it is ready for use the next time you choose to prepare food.
  2. The griddle’s surface remains rust- and corrosion-free throughout storage, so you won’t need to undertake further cleaning when you retrieve it from storage.

If you perform this cleaning procedure after each usage, the seasoning will become more apparent and effective at preventing food from adhering to the surface.

Nexgrill discourages using soap to clean its griddles for the reasons listed below.

  • Using excessive water while cleaning an iron griddle is never advisable since this increases the danger of rust and corrosion.
  • Soap degrades a griddle’s seasoning over time, causing the nonstick surface to wear away gradually and food to adhere more tenaciously to the surface, necessitating more thorough cleanings after each use to keep the griddle in pristine condition.

If you must thoroughly clean your griddle before reseasoning it, avoid using dish soap since even mild dish detergent can erode the seasoning on an iron griddle such as the Nexgrill.

Caution: the griddle may deform.

We wanted to provide you with a warning about warping before we parted ways. This caution applies to ALL griddles, but it is particularly critical for Nexgrill griddles.

While cleaning your Nexgrill griddle with water, extreme care is required. When the surface of the hot iron comes into contact with the much colder water, it may warp if the temperature is too high.

The warmth of the griddle below assists in loosening the food, but if the griddle becomes too hot, the water necessary to move the most resistant areas of the food may distort the griddle, making the risk useless.


If there is one tip to remember while cleaning Nexgrill griddles, it is that the surface should be warm, not hot. Just remember to handle it correctly and stay on top of cleaning and maintenance tasks, or you’ll find yourself spending whole weekends soaking, scrubbing, and using various cleaning agents to get it clean. This recommendation applies to all griddles.

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