How to Cook Burgers on a Griddle

How to Cook Burgers on a Griddle

Griddles are a widely preferred choice for making burgers because of their large surface area and the flat surface that makes the process easy to execute. They heat up quickly and cook the burger patty perfectly with the perfect sear. They are so versatile in their use that cooking on a griddle is much more efficient.

So without further wait, let’s dive into how to cook burgers on a griddle.

Using Your Griddle on Stovetop

Turn up the heat and place the griddle on your stovetop with the griddle covering the area of two burners. To test the perfect temperature for the griddle, sprinkle a few droplets of water on the griddle. If the water droplets dance, your griddle is at the ideal temperature.

Now, for cooking burgers on a griddle, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Preseason your griddle: If you are using a non-stick copper griddle, then you can skip this step but for cast iron or steel griddles, seasoning your griddle is very important to prevent the food from sticking to the surface or rusting the griddle, giving it permanent damage. Seasoning is a very simple process of oiling up the surface of the griddle and heating it up. If you are not familiar with it, then you can refer to our article ‘How to Season a Stainless Steel Griddle’.
  • Start Cooking: Once the oil has heated up, it is time to fry the burger patty.
  • Cleaning: Clean your griddle immediately after cooking and wash any residue under hot water. Do not use soap for this process; leave the griddle to dry afterwards.
  • Season your griddle again: After the griddle has been cleaned and dried up, season griddle again. Regular seasoning of the griddle makes sure that it will remain in good shape for a long period of time. So, make it a standard practice.

Cooking the Burger Patty

Once the griddle has heated up, pour some oil on the surface. Once the oil has heated to the right temperature, place the burger patties to start frying them. Keep the heat low so that they get slow-cooked but perfectly. Next, press the patties firmly with a flipper so that the oil seeps in and it will cook evenly. As the patties sizzle, you could prepare for the other components of the burger, like onions and melting cheese.

Try not to flip the patty too often as it dried it up. If you can, then flip it just once for the best results. Ideally, it takes 3 minutes for each side to get cooked to a nice brown color.

If you want to add cheese to your burger, melt it on top of the patty before taking it off the griddle and add it to the already brown bun ( you need to do this before preparing the patty).

If you have a double-sided griddle, then you can cook the burger on the grill too. There is not much difference in the cooking process.

Recipe in Brief

To summarise the process, the following are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Season your griddle.
  2. Oil it up and heat the oil.
  3. Place the burger patties and cook each side for about 3 minutes or longer if you prefer.
  4. Add cheese and melt it on the surface of the patty.
  5. Place the patty on the burger bun and add other contents you prepared like fried onions or lettuce.
  6. Enjoy your delicious burger!

Cooking Frozen Patties

If you are craving a burger and left your patties in the freezer and forgot to thaw them, then we have you covered.

To minimize the danger, cook the patty on a medium flame instead of a high flame. Be very careful while frying frozen burger patties as the ice bounces off the surface of the griddle on immediate contact. Maintain a safe distance to avoid any burns.

Since the heat is low, griddle your patties for about 25 minutes to obtain the best results.
The best option is to thaw your burgers before cooking them, but if you are in a hurry, then you can do this instead.


Enjoy these homemade, perfectly sizzled burgers whenever you want to with your griddle!

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