How to cook sausage on a griddle?

How To Cook Sausage on a Griddle?

Are you interested in how to cook sausage on a griddle, or is this your first time cooking this type of meat and you want some tips on how to make your meals delicious? We are here to help you get the most out of your meal. 

When it comes to cooking sausage on a griddle, you don’t need to boil, precook, slice or split the sausages. Their plump and meaty state retains their juiciness inside. And this is what gives the taste.

Don’t think it’s difficult, cooking sausages on a griddle is easy. You will love the delicious taste and perfectly cooked with a very crispy skin.

So let’s see 

  • What are the varieties of sausage on the market? 
  • What ingredients and materials are needed? 
  • How to cook sausages on a griddle?
  • What to mix with cooked sausages?
  • How to store leftover sausages?

What are the varieties of sausage on the market? 

Let’s see first the varieties of sausages on the market

  • Toulouse sausage: this is a pork sausage that originated in France. It is prepared with red wine, garlic, and also with extras like bacon and thyme.
  • Lincolnshire sausage: this is a pork sausage that is flavoured with sage. 
  • Cumberland Sausage: This is a pork sausage that is spiralized with spices including white and black pepper. There are also sage, nutmeg, mace, thyme, and cayenne. 
  • Gloucester Sausage: This is a pork sausage, a meaty type that is made from Gloucester Old Spot pork. This sausage is a good choice for breakfast
  • Glamorgan Sausage: This type of sausage is Welsh vegetarian which looks like a croquette and cooked leeks, breadcrumbs and cheese. 
  • Lorne Sausage: This is a sausage that is also named square sausage. It is made from sliced meat commonly eaten in Scottish breakfasts. 
  • Merguez sausage: This is a North African style sausage that is very popular in France. It is made with lamb and spices like garlic, cumin and harissa. 
  • Chorizo-Style Sausage: This is a standard pork sausage spiced with paprika and garlic. 
  • Italian Sausage: What makes the Italian sausage ideal are the fennel seeds, rosemary and garlic. 

Regarding the type of sausage that can be put on the griddle. There is no preference, you can cook any type of sausage you want. Italian sausage, toulouse, merguez, lorne and others. 

What ingredients and materials are needed? 

Here are the ingredients to make your sausage.

  • Sausage: Take half a kilo or whatever amount of sausage you like.
  • The oil: take avocado oil or cooking oil. 
  • Water: Fill a spray bottle with water for steaming 
  • Prepare your griddle: First, you need to preheat it according to the instructions.
  • A tongs
  • A cooking dome
  • A wide spatula
  • A container to hold water and oil on the other side. 

How to cook sausages on a griddle?

Getting started: 

  • You need to preheat your griddle over medium heat and according to the griddle’s operating instructions. 
  • Then add a little oil to the hot plate to cover the surface.
  • Gently place the raw sausages on the oiled surface. Then let the sausage brown for 2-3 minutes.
  • Cover the sausage with a cooking dome. Then lift the side to pour a little water to create steam. Then cover the sausage again with the dome. Then let them steam for about 4 minutes.
  • Repeat the same process to steam the sausage. Once the steam is gone, you can remove the lid. 
  • After that, check the internal temperature of the sausage with a meat thermometer. If the temperature is 165 F, it is done. It is safe to eat. On the contrary, if it’s around 165 F, it needs to be steamed again. 
  • Then add oil and raise the heat of the griddle to high. This is necessary to crisp the skin of the sausages. Don’t forget the sides of the sausage to make them crispy for 2 minutes.

Now it’s time to prepare the sausage mixture

What to mix with cooked sausages?

If you’re wondering what to mix it with. We have prepared some tips for you that you can easily apply. 

  • You can add a potato topping or grill some asparagus. 
  • You can also add apple and bacon Sauerkraut or corn fritters and spaetzle. 

How to store leftover sausages?

Leftover sausages can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Reheat them in a microwave in a low oven to re-cook. Afterwards, slice them in the middle and reheat them in a pan. And that’s it. 

To conclude, sausages are usually made from pork. There are also others like beef and lamb. 

To give taste and to help the meat taste better, salt is sometimes added. 

Also, there is a so-called risk, which is a filling and binding ingredient that binds the ingredients together, similar to very fine and dry breadcrumbs. And it helps prevent the meat from drying out by absorbing the fat during cooking. 

Spices, seasonings and herbs are also added to flavour the sausages. Caramelised onions, cooked apples and other ingredients are also added. And that is a perfect combination with the pork

You now know how to cook sausage on the griddles and also the ingredients needed for this. You can also with many other recipes that you discover with your cooking experiences. 

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