How to Grill Frozen Corn

How to Grill Frozen Corn – Guide

If you have visited your neighbourhood grocery store or farmer’s market in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that fresh corn is abundant on the cob and available for purchase. Avoiding the fresh, sugary corn still in the husk and opting instead for canned or bagged corn from the frozen food section is a frequent practice among families.

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A terrific and speedy side dish is corn prepared in the microwave or on the stovetop from frozen or canned corn. Okay, but what if I told you it was just as simple to grill corn? I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible but that doing so will need very little work on your part at all. Corn on the cob may be grilled to perfection in only twenty-five minutes. It has a beautiful flavor on its own, and it goes well with whatever cuisine you could be preparing.


To begin, set the grill’s temperature to around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait until the grill is hot, then set the ears of corn directly over the coals or burner to cook them while they are still in their husks. Give the covered corn on the grill every five minutes a good shake. The husk will serve as a barrier between the kernels of corn and the heat, resulting in the kernels’ internal moisture turning into steam.

Remove the husk and silk from the corn after grilling it for twenty minutes while it is still in the husk. If you want part of the kernels on each side to be charred, you should put the cob back in the fire for another five minutes after you’ve removed it. When the 20 minutes have passed, you may remove the kernels from the cob without first having to boil them. Whatever the case may be, the end product has a fresh and sweet taste, and it is one that anybody can appreciate.

To get the most out of this grilled corn on the cob, it’s ideal for serving it straight on the cob with butter, salt, and black pepper.


Don’t worry if you can’t get fresh corn on the cob at your neighborhood grocery store because it’s not the right time of year or because they’ve run out of stock; frozen corn on the cob can be grilled in the same way as fresh corn on the cob. After the corn has been rubbed with butter and seasoned with salt and pepper, it may be served. Next, wrap each ear of corn in a separate piece of aluminum foil to prevent the steam from escaping as it cooks. After that, barbecue them at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for twenty-five to thirty minutes. To prevent it from catching on fire, you must give it a nice flip every so often.


It is possible that corn still in the husk has to be soaked. Before grilling your corn, soak the husk in water for between twenty and sixty minutes if it has a white, brittle exterior. If the husk is still green and in good condition, you may put it on the grill without any preparation. However, if you want to be specific, you should let them soak regardless of how they seem.

Tips for cooking corn on the cob on a barbecue as a grilled side dish

Corn on the cob that has been grilled and served on the cob is a delicious complement to any meal. The following are some of our preferred choices for main meals to be done with it:

  • Grilled chicken thighs on the stovetop
  • Grilled hamburgers


  • You shouldn’t boil frozen corn. Since there is no longer any flavor, it is entirely pointless. In my own experience, I can say that heating frozen corn removes any taste. Please, for the love of everything good, do not microwave your frozen corn.
  • Make sure the corn hasn’t been freezer scorched before using it. Freezer burn occurs when food spoils from exposure to air, moisture, or low temperatures. This exposure may cause the food to taste harsh and dry. Verify that the corn hasn’t been damaged by freezer burn before you prepare it.
  • To the corn, you may add whatever condiments you choose. Experiment with different spices until you find the combination that best suits your taste. You may improve the corn’s flavor by adding BBQ rub to it. The combination of lime juice, red pepper flakes, and corn is delicious. The lime juice and pepper give the corn a tangy sweetness and a spicy bite.


Grilling frozen corn on the cob is a time-saving, hassle-free, and tasty choice for a side dish. It may be intriguing for children interested in helping out in the kitchen but do not know too much about cooking. Grilling corn is a fantastic alternative if you’d prefer not to use the stove or pan constantly. Toss them on the grill; in no time, you will have a delectable addition to your meal.

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