How To Season A Stainless Steel Griddle

How To Season A Stainless Steel Griddle

Love cooking but got tired of your griddle wearing off after a few months? You bought a new stainless steel griddle because the paint of the old one got chipped off or the food started sticking to it. A lot of people just brush it off and go for buying a new one but what most of them do not know is that it can be prevented from the very beginning!

Yes, you read that right.

All you need to do is season your stainless steel griddle on a regular basis. Now, the very obvious question that must have come to your mind is what does it mean to season a stainless steel griddle?

No, it is not the seasoning you use in your food. Seasoning your stainless steel griddle is the best way to prevent the food from sticking and prevent any rust.

Although most people add oil or grease while cooking but for those who do not it would be very common for the food to get stuck to the surface. Also, after repeated use, the scrubbing of the griddle may result in its coating getting peeled away and rusting. Now that is certainly something you would want to avoid.

How to Season it?

The process of seasoning your stainless steel griddle is very easy to execute. To make it simple, we have listed it down in steps for you:

  1. Cleaning- Wipe the griddle with a cloth or paper towel to clean the surface with the help of warm water to remove any leftover food or coating. Do not use soap in this step so as to not affect the taste of the food.
  2. Oiling- Take up a decent amount of oil and heat it to a high temperature. Now with the help of a cloth or paper towel, coat the surface of the griddle with this oil and remove the excess oil.
  3. Heating- heat the griddle to about 350-400 degrees and then let it sit in the heat for a few minutes. Now turn off the heat and let it cool down. If you feel like there is excess oil, wipe it off with a cloth.
    And that is how easy and quick it is to season a stainless steel griddle.

What Happens if You Don’t Season Your Stainless-Steel Griddle?


Once you start seasoning your griddle, you will realize that it is a necessary process to avoid issues in the long run.

If you do not season your stainless steel griddle regularly, the food will start sticking to it making it troublesome for you to clean it and cook food without burning it.

The other issue that will arise is the rusting of the griddle and once that happens, there is no going back. You will have no other option but to opt for buying a new griddle.

Regular Griddle Maintenance


As common as these practices may be, people tend to overlook them considering them a waste of their time but they are indeed very important in the long run. The two things that you have to be regular about are:

  1. Cleaning- Try to clean the griddle after each use for your own personal hygiene. Any germs that may be borne because of the leftovers would be killed preventing any diseases or sickness that it may have otherwise caused.
  2. Seasoning- By now, you know how important it is to season the griddle, so make it a common practice to season it every now and then so that you do not run into any issues.


It hardly takes 5 minutes of your time to season your stainless steel griddle and what is that compared to the time you spend on cooking. So, why waste the efforts you put into cooking by neglecting the cleanliness of your griddle. The key point is, that you should season your griddle regularly to enjoy good food!

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