How to Use Smoker Box on Gas Grill

How to Use Smoker Box on Gas Grill

Those of us who like the portability and ease of use of gas grills but yearn for the rich, smokey taste that can only be achieved by burning wood or coals would do well to get familiar with the process of using a smoker box in conjunction with a gas grill.

It might be beneficial to have a smoker box available in this situation. It is designed to be placed on top of a gas grill and, when operated correctly, generates lovely billowing smoke that penetrates everything being cooked outdoors.

Wood smoking chips, which may vary in taste from apple to hickory and can be bought for as low as ten dollars, are the only item besides wood you will want for the smoking process.

How exactly may adding a smoker box improve the capabilities of a gas grill? It is possible to utilize smoker boxes in combination with gas grills but to do so; the following procedures need to be taken:

  • Ten to fifteen minutes with all grill burners at high heat is ideal. Following initial grill preheating, you’ll switch to indirect heat for the remainder of the cooking process (in a later step).
  • Put your chosen wood chips into the smoker.
  • Set up the smoker box over a hot burner to smoke while indirectly cooking.
  • Once the box starts to smoke, turn off the burners and prepare the grill for indirect heat.
  • Temperatures inside should be set between 225 and 250 by adjusting the remaining lighting burners.
  • When the meat reaches an appropriate internal temperature, place it on the grill and let it smoke.

A smoker box makes it easy to convert your gas grill into a smoker, but there are a few more details to keep in mind to get the most out of this cooking method. Using a smoker box has taught us the following things.

Prepare The Gas Grill.

As a first step, you must preheat the grill. To get the grill nice and hot in a hurry, we turn on the burners and set the temperature to high for the first 10 to 15 minutes. This will help the wood chips burn quicker after you place the smoker box inside the grill.

During the preheating phase, your grill will heat up to cooking temperatures. Don’t worry; we’ll switch off the new burners when we prepare the grill for indirect cooking later.

If you’re worried that the grill is too hot, turn down the heat on the burners. The wood chips could take a little longer to light, but that’s not a dealbreaker. The primary goal is to get a stable temperature on the grill, saving time once you begin cooking.

Getting the Smoker Ready

You need to get or make a smoker box first. Commercial boxes are more likely to be made of better materials, be recyclable, and have a smaller “oescrew with it” factor, yet both methods are successful.

Smoker boxes may be found in the outside and patio departments of many big department stores and home improvement stores. Look for the grilling and cooking equipment; if you can’t find it, don’t be surprised. If you have a few days to spare, you can do a lot more exploring online.

What would you recommend if you could help me pick out some wood chips?

Whether you use sweet or savory wood chips is entirely up to you and the dish you’re making. Below you’ll find a list of the most common woods, the meats that go best with them, and the wood’s flavor “character” (in no particular order). I recommend The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Smoking Woods for a more comprehensive list.


Perfect with pig or any other red meat (think hickory bacon). Highly fragrant, sweet, and smokey wood. Use it with care; too much might have adverse effects (a little goes a long way).


beneficial for enhancing the flavor of beef and other red foods. Meat should not be used when using this (such as fish)


Excellent with some types of chicken, pork, and seafood.


Its flavor profile complements and complements other woods, allowing for the creation of rich and complex flavors.


This wood is excellent for cooking pork, cattle, chicken, and wild game. The pleasant, mild flavor marries well with other woods. It is well-known for the rich mahogany color it imparts to meat, especially poultry.


Appropriate for fish. It pairs great with chicken as well. Subtly sweet, delicate, and mild. A smart move that won’t ruin the flavor of “lighter,” “more delicate” cuts of meat.

How to Prepare Your Grill for Smoking

You may move over to indirect cooking now that the grill is hot and the smoker box is full. At this point, we switch off the bottom burners of the grill, which paves the way for the food to be cooked by the indirect heat of the grill rather than by the direct flame.

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